Human Remains Found In Park Identified As Those Ebby Stappach

Photo of Ebby Steppach

Article by Arkansas Journal

Posted on May 23, 2018

Little Rock, Arkansas–The Arkansas Crime Lab has positively identified human remains found on Tuesday in a drainage pipe as those of Ebby Steppach, according to Little Rock Police Department. Steppach has been missing since 2015 when her vehicle was  found at Chalamont Park which is located at 20600 Chalamont Dr, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72223. Little Rock police last searched the park in connection with her disappearance in 2016.  A spokes person for the family said, “Ebby’s story over the past 30+ months has touched many lives. Many have seen the beauty in her eyes that revealed a deep passion and care for others. So, it is only fitting that the search to find Ebby has sparked open conversations and brought a heightened awareness to missing children and young adults, the existence of sex trafficking, along with the need for improved policies and processes within the law enforcement community in these areas. Her story has touched many in ways that she could not have ever imagined.” A Celebration of Ebby’s Life will be held at Christ Community Church, at Warrior Hall on the campus of Little Rock Christian Academy, Saturday, May 26th at 2 pm.

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